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About Us

With just a tap, your ride to destination is in front of your eyes. To bridge your dreams and opportunities together, we have come with a wide range of services with utmost safety and comfort. During this pandemic, our priorities for safety have become equally important along with comfort. To make your travel requirements seamless and safety as our mission, we enable the best service, at a quicker transaction rate with great affordable yet premium package.

Our vision

Our vision is to make places, people and businesses accessible by using technologies as means of connection for rendering of goods and services at a cheaper rate thereby we create higher income for our partners and safety for our communities. With this vision we would want to see our customers happy and satisfied with our service.

Why us?

On time and 24/7 availability

We provide timely services, so that you don’t miss out opportunities. And there is no worry about the availability of cabs at any time because we have sufficient number of cabs and drivers. We also make sure you reach your destination on time with comfort.


Safety is one of the top priority of our company. When customers reach their destination with happiness and satisfaction, we think we came one step closer to our aim. We consciously sanitize our cab after every ride. The drivers and the costumers are urged to wear a mask for their own safety.
At Touramp we believe when safety is added with technology and professional drivers, rides become better.

Contemporary Technology

Not to make your trip tedious, but filled with entertainment. We have inbuilt tabs-streaming various shows, movies, music, etc. Apart from entertainment we also have a safety element which is Global Positioning System (GPS). By just sharing the ride link with your friends and family, they can keep track of your location before you reach your destination. Shouldn’t booking be easy? For that, we have a customer friendly app which can easily guide you on how to book your cab.

Professional Drivers

We have an exclusive team for selecting experienced and safe drivers. All the drivers in Touramp are certified and their backgrounds are verified. They are not only qualified but also experienced. We believe in treating our customers with humanity and respect is important. So customers can write on the app during or after the ride about any complaint, concerns and feedbacks on the quality of the ride (this includes how respectful and helpful drivers are)

Reasonable prices

We offer most of our services at affordable prices.

Intensify our services

We remain focused on enhancing our services frequently. To enhance our services our customer’s feedback is essential. So after a ride, customers can rate and give us to their feedback.

Value customer’s desideratum

We address everyone’s needs. It’s our goal to create a workplace that is inclusive and reflects the diversity of the cities we serve—where everyone can be their authentic self, and where that authenticity is celebrated as strength.

Core values

At Touramp we have many values which makes us better day by day. We advocate in:
1. Trust
2. Integrity
3. Team work
Looking forward to serve you…