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How ride-sharing in Baltimore

Touramp is one of the best online cab applications ever to make reservations from every corner of Baltimore. Booking a private taxi was formerly not that simple, but it is now more possible to book a cab with the new technologies. You can only book a cab in a few taps and a few minutes from the reservation. Your taxi is coming to the spot of your pickup.

In Baltimore, the cab Touramp services provide services for those looking for luxury tours for economic journeys. It's safe when people share their travel information with someone you trust to follow their journey in real-time!
Our website or application is simple to use, it's user-friendly and it takes you just a while to communicate! We also supply a regulated driver with decent driving ability and good attributes,touramp is the best online cab in Baltimore

It's difficult to book a trip, there are crowds. So, here is a simple guide for reserving Touramp cab

Step 1

Installing a Touramp application on your cell phone is essential.

Why ride with Touramp?

The most efficient way to get to your destination

Cabs for Every Pocket

We have cabs to fit any budget, from sedans and SUVs to luxury vehicles for special occasions.

Touramp Select

A loyalty package with Touramp that allows you to ride a Prime Sedan for Mini fares, book cabs without peak pricing, and have no waiting period.

Cashless Rides

Now you can ride without carrying money. To experience hassle-free transfers, simply recharge your Touramp money or add your credit/debit card

Secure and Safer Rides

Some of the functionality we have in place to ensure your safety include verified drivers, an emergency warning button, and live trip monitoring.

In-Cab Entertainment

Touramp Play allows you to listen to songs, watch videos, and do a variety of other things. Through our free wifi, you can even stay linked even though you are traveling through areas with limited network coverage

Share and Express

Choose Touramp Share to ride at the lowest possible cost. We have Share Express on certain fixed routes with zero deviations for a faster travel experience. Choose your ride and take off!

Book a Touramp from the App

Download the application to get exclusive offers and make bookings easier.


24/7 Customer Support

A dedicated customer care team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any challenge

Your Safety First

Keep your loved ones aware of your travel plans, and contact emergency responders if necessary.

Top Rated Driver-Partners

Many of our driver-partners have been background checked and qualified to provide just the right experience.